Daiva Fitness Club is a privately owned club located in Lewisville, North Carolina. This club offers professional personal training, group classes, corporate training services, and nutrition assistance. Aside from their regular fitness training, they provide programs for clients with medical conditions, health coaching, and athletic training.

Daiva Fitness is a boutique studio offering functional, movement-based and results-driven personal training, small group training, and group fitness classes. We provide a personable and comfortable fitness experience that will allow you to reach your goals.

We are a functional fitness facility specializing in real and purposeful training. What this means for members and pro athletes is the experience of being able to receive exercise that transfers in to day-to-day activity. In general, functional fitness will encourage you to push, pull, squat, and move your body as you would naturally. Functional fitness is a better deal because it works multiple muscles simultaneously, providing better overall strength, mobility, and a higher calorie burn.