Cheryl has been in the fitness industry for twenty years working as a personal trainer, fitness director, and group fitness leader. 
Prior to moving to North Carolina, Cheryl worked with a Physical Therapist rehabbing patients with mostly sports related injuries., but also rehabilitation from shoulder,  knee, and hip surgeries. 
Cheryl has run in six marine corp mud runs and has won a medal in all six races. She has been a captain for USTA tennis teams since 2009, and has taken 15 teams to the state finals.
-Group Fitness Leader IFTA
-Personal Trainer IFTA
-Kieser M3 Cycle 
-CPR/AED American Red Cross
-Strength and toning, weight loss, endurance, core strengthening, senior fitness
-Event and sport preparation : tennis, golf, race prep (running, cycling)
-Rehabilitation, injury prevention, low back, knee and hip strengthening
Cheryl has seen time and time again the effects of exercise on the body, mind, and quality of life. She strongly believes in the necessity for an active lifestyle, encompassing a balance of all  components of fitness. Over the years it has been her passion to share her knowledge, motivation, and skill  with those wanting a change in their physical and mental well being. 
Cheryl believes that exercise and healthy eating have the power to transform your body, your health, and your life. Her goal is to motivate and lead clients on their journey to being the best they can be.
Tennis, running, hiking, travel
Whether the goal is weight loss, injury rehab, sport/event prep, or accountability, I will develop a plan that leads my client down a path to success. I work diligently with each client to help them recognize their results, tangible and intangible. 
I believe with determination, support, and the right training program, any thing is possible.